Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How To Create PDF Documents For Free!

For those of you that occasionally need to convert documents and spreadsheets into pdf format, here is a great trick.

Google has recently released a free word processor and spreadsheet that can be used online for free. Although not as robust as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, these programs do offer an impressive feature set. Google allows you to save your created files online through your Google account, and even upload Microsoft files and view or edit them within Google Documents.

If you need to create a quick pdf file of a Microsoft Word or Excel file, here is a great way to do it for free.

Open up Google Documents and select upload at the top of the page. Browse your hard drive for the file that you want to convert and upload it into Google Documents. After your file uploads, it will appear opened inside of Google documents and you will be able to view and edit your file.

To create a pdf, simply select file and then export as pdf. You'll have a brand new pdf file of your document within seconds.