Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't Buy Itunes: Free Your Music with Amazon Mp3

For iPod users, Itunes has always been the music store of choice because it was the only store that offered a wide selection of music compatible with the iPod. However, that's about to change. Amazon is unrolling its DRM-free music site with a wide selection of mp3's from all 4 major music companies. I've tested tracks from the store over the past few months and I have been very pleased. Here are a few of the advantages of switching to Amazon from Itunes.

  1. DRM Free - There are no restrictions to how many times you can burn or copy your music files unlike Itunes.
  2. Mp3 format - Mp3's are compatible with any digital audio player, including the iPod. Itunes uses a protected AAC format which can only be used on the iPod. Buying in mp3 format ensures that you are not locked into the Apple system for life.
  3. Ability to purchase CD's. Unlike Itunes, Amazon also has a phenomenal selection of new and used CD's. CD's still offer the best quality sound and you can make your own high quality mp3 files as well.
Itunes still offers great convenience and a great selection of music. But until they remove the restrictions, you will always be locked into the Apple system. There are lots of disadvantages to this because many devices such as music streaming systems are not compatible with Itunes files. So, buy from Amazon mp3 and ensure that your music stays free.

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