Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Netflix Streaming Home Movie Theatre

Netflix recently made a change to its monthly subscription that allows you to stream unlimited movies from their website at no additional charge. I've tested this service out and I was mostly impressed with the results. Although the selection is somewhat limited, you can stream DVD quality movies within seconds on your computer, or connect your desktop or notebook to your TV to create a Netflix streaming home movie theatre.

I tested this service out using season one of Heroes. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the picture. After a quick install, the show started playing within seconds inside of Internet Explorer. A click on the full screen button enlarges the video to fit your screen in widescreen format. Though 10 episodes I saw no stoppage in play. The quality resembled that of a DVD and overall I was impressed with the picture quality.

I hooked my laptop up to a 24" monitor that I use as a small TV. A VGA connection will produce a much better picture than S-Video if you have this option on your TV or monitor. Apparently, Netflix is developing a set-top box built into a blu-ray player to make the TV connection easier in the future. Most people may have difficultly setting this service up for your TV without a set-top box. Connecting a laptop to a TV is not ideal, however it works.

Its a great service overall and I only wish they supplied more movies. If Netflix worked on building up their catalog, I may never rent another movie on disc again. It simply works that well.

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