Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Save Hundreds of Dollars by Reinstalling Windows

Ever have Windows crash on you? Or, run into a serious error that you can't seem to fix? Sometimes, its much easier and quicker just to format your hard drive and reinstall Windows. I've spent days looking for a solution to a problem that I couldn't find. Reinstalling Windows takes just a couple of hours and can usually fix many problems. It can also save you hundreds of dollars in computer repair costs from places like Geek Squad (click for price And when your finished, it will feel like your computer is brand new again.

But what about all your files? The easiest solution for this is to install a second hard drive in your desktop, or buy an external hard drive for your laptop. If you have a desktop, you can make this second drive your primary drive for all of your files like music, documents and videos. Then, you can format and reinstall windows on your first drive without having to worry about losing your files. You can also keep a copy of all of your drivers on this hard drive too which will save you some time reinstalling them after Windows has finished installing. If you can't find copies of your drivers, many computer manufacturers like Dell keep them available to you on their website. You can also check the manufacturers website for updated drivers as well.

The only other step is to reload all of your programs. This isn't usually a problem if you have the disk, but if you downloaded software from the internet, make sure you have your original setup file or you may lose the program. Some software download services offer you the ability to re-download the software at any time. Make sure you check this before formatting your hard drive. I find that its always easiest to have a backup disc of any program for this very reason.

If you have days to spend looking for a problem, or you are a windows expert, then this may not be your best solution. However, reinstalling Windows usually fixes many problems and gives you a clean slate, and it can save you hundreds of dollars in computer repair costs.

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