Sunday, January 27, 2008

Throw All of Those Remotes Away

If your sick of sorting through 5 remotes just to watch some television, then you (and your spouse) will definitely appreciate the Harmony remote control system from Logitech. Its an all in one remote that is easy to set up and will eliminate all of your remote clutter. In fact, this remote will turn on and off all of your necessary equipment with the push of one button.

I've tried this out at home and I'm hooked. You set up the remote by plugging it into your computer and entering the model numbers of all of your equipment (TV, Receiver, Cable/Satellite box). Once it downloads the codes for your equipment, you simple follow a simple wizard to set up "activities." The activities show up on a screen on the remote as "watch tv," "watch movie," "play xbox," "listen to music." You just let the remote know what devices need to be turned on for each activity and what input they need to be set on (AV1, AV2...). The wizard will load all of these activities onto your remote and your ready to go. Just press "watch tv" and each device will turn on in seconds. Press the "off" button and everything turns off.

I've been using it for months and it works great. For each activity the screen will display relevant buttons like guide, menu, etc. You can customize buttons on this screen using the software if you would like to add some features that do not automatically appear when you set the system up. It controls nearly everything, including light dimmers if you have a home theater. And its available in various price ranges from the $100 Xbox Harmony remote to the touch screen Harmony 1000. They all get the job done.

Its a great system and I highly recommend it. Your home theater experience will be much more enjoyable and pain free. Even guests will be able to control your home system without any instructions.

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