Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to Wall Mount a Flat Panel LCD TV - Part 1: Planning the Cable Routes

I finally decided on a spot to wall-mount a new flat panel LCD TV. I have an open floor plan in the house and I found a spot on the dining room wall that would be visible from every part of the room. I wanted to mount it the right way, that meant on the wall with no cords showing at all. I have directv so I had to work out a plan to hide the receiver in another part of the house.

The first thing I did was plan out the route for all of my cables. I knew I needed to do 2 things. Install another outlet directly behind the spot for the tv and run an HDMI cable from another part of the house to a spot directly behind the tv. If I couldn't get the cables routed to the right location, the entire project would be scrapped. I did not want cables running down the wall, even if I could hide them behind a plastic cover.

I considered a number of areas, but I finally decided that it would be best to leave the receiver in the unfinished part of the basement. The directv HD receivers come built in with an RF remote so it would not be a problem to have the receiver on another floor. The RF signal easily passes through walls.

Having the receiver in the basement meant that I needed to run an additional coaxial cable from the satellite to the receiver, and then run an extra long HDMI cable from the receiver, through the floor and up into the drywall on the main floor.

I already had an electrical outlet directly below where I planned to mount the TV, so installing a new outlet off of the existing one would not be too difficult.

I also needed to decide what size TV would fit the best. To do this, I cut out cardboard pieces for TV's sized 32", 37", and 42". The 32" was clearly large enough for the space and seemed to just fit the best. After doing research, I decided on the Samsung LN32A450 for both the quality and styling. I wanted a nice looking TV since I would be hanging it in a prominent location.

In part 2 of this article I will discuss the list of equipment needed to install a flat panel LCD.

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