Friday, May 16, 2008

How to Wall Mount a Flat Panel LCD TV - Part 4: Install Wall Mount and Hang TV

The last step of this project, wall mounting and lcd tv, is to install the LCD wall mount, hang the television, and connect the cables. In many ways, this proved to be the easiest step. See part 1, part 2, and part 3 to learn about necessary equipment and hiding the hdmi cables and power cord.

To recap, I selected a Samsung LN32A450 32" LCD for my television and a Peerless Articulating LCD Wall Arm (SA740P) for the wall mount. The articulating mount was a nice choice for my location because it gives me the ability to point the screen in any direction for viewing in various parts of the upper level.

This particular mount was also easy to install. It only required 2 screws to be drilled into the stud. I marked 2 drill holes on the wall by holding the mount on the stud and circling the two mounting holes with a pencil. Use a level to ensure that you drill evenly. Have someone help you hold the mount against the wall while you drill and be careful not to overtighten the screws. Once you have the screws in the mount is solid and secure. This mount will position the center of the tv about 3" to the left or right of the mounting bracket so take that into consideration.

The next step was to secure the lcd mounting bracket to the back of the unit. This is a simple process of screwing it on, but again do not overtighten.

The final step is to hang the lcd tv onto the end of the mounting bracket. It literally slips onto the top of the mounting bracket and then snaps in. One screw at the top secures the tv in place. This is really quite simple and just a matter of following the included instructions.

The rest is easy. This mounting bracket includes a nice cable management system that can hide 2 cables in the arm of the mount. Run the cables through the arm channel and plug in the hdmi cable in the back of the lcd tv. Plug the other end in the back of the directv receiver. Plug in the power cables and you'll be up and running.

You may want to spend some additional time hiding the cables. A twist tie can help give you a cleaner look. Also, make sure your tv is set to the proper input to receive a signal from your directv box.

Have fun and good luck.


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Unknown said...

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