Saturday, May 17, 2008

Long Run HDMI Cables - 45 feet

In order to mount my LCD TV, I needed a long HDMI cable that would run from the basement, up the wall, and out to the TV. I had heard a lot about because they provide a great value on HDMI cables. I decided to try a 35ft cable from them which I purchased for about $42.....great price.

When I received the cable, I thought it looked very sturdy and solid. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture when I hooked it up to my LCD tv. Monoprice was very nice about providing a return. I thought about exchanging the cable, but I decided instead to return it and try a different brand.

The second cable was from a company called Cables to Go. It was significantly more expensive. I went with a 45 ft sonic wave cable. It also was packaged very well, nicer than the monoprice, but more importantly, it worked when I plugged it in.

Here is a tip. Before you run cable through a wall, plug in all of the components and make sure everything works first. It will save you a lot of time.

I've heard a lot of good things about monoprice. Cnet has a great article on the merits of buying cheap hdmi cables. Unfortunately in my case, it did not work out. However, I believe that they do have a cable of similar length and of higher quality for just a bit more.

Cables To Go provided great service and the cable worked without any problems.


Unknown said...

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