Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Roku Netflix Player Looks to Revolutionize Home Movie Downloads

Netflix has partnered with streaming media specialist Roku to create the Netflix set-top player. Its a very cool $99 device that allows you to stream Netflix instant watch movies for free if you have a Netflix account.

Netflix has about 10,000 movies available for instant streaming. Up until now, you could only watch these movies on your computer, or by hooking your computer up to your pc. Its a nice option when I want to download movies and watch them on my laptop instantly. But this box frees Netflix from the computer and allows you to access and play full length free download movies on your TV.

The box is about the size of a paperback book and is HD capable. You can connect the box using a HDMI, component, or s-video cable and it includes an optical audio cable.

Early reports suggest that fast-forwarding and rewinding doesn't work well yet. You also need to add movies to your queue in order to see them available on your set-top box.

The only other downside I see is the lack of new movies. Lots of new releases are not available for streaming at this point. Also, HD is not yet an option.

Will a low-priced subscription model eliminate But if Netflix can boost the movie count and include HD, it could gain a big following.

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