Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Running Out of DirecTV Cables?

If you have a DirecTV DVR, then you may know that you have the ability to connect two coaxial cables to the receiver to record one program while watching another. Its a great feature, but one problem you may run into is that you need to run 2 wires from the satellite into the house in order for this to work properly. I currently have 4 wires running into the house....2 for the DVR and 2 to standard receivers. This configuration uses all of the wires coming off my dish and I have none left over if I wanted to add an additional receiver.

The new Swing Wire LNB from directv solves this by giving you the ability to run signals to all of your directv equipment from one wire using a standard high-bandwidth splitter. This equipment is not out yet and should eventually be worked into new installs. However, I'm curious to find out if this piece is compatible with my current dish. I'm not excited about installing an entirely new dish but I would consider a modification.

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