Sunday, May 18, 2008

Use Your HDTV as a Digital Picture Frame

After hanging my LCD TV in the dining room, I decided that it would work really well as a digital picture frame. Fortunately, the DirecTv HR21 DVR receiver comes built in with the ability to stream photos from your computer. This option worked great for me, however, there are a couple of alternatives available for you as well.

If you have an Intel Vivv PC you already have the necessary setup to stream photos and music to your TV via the directv receiver. If you don't have Intel Vivv, a simple install of Windows Media Player 11 should enable it as long as you have a relatively up to date computer. My Windows vista PC worked without any extra steps involved.

Simply connect your directv receiver to your internet router via ethernet cable and navigate to the network function on your directv box via the menu key on your remote. After clicking on network, press the setup key and the receiver will take care of the rest. It should recognize any computer on your network that is set up to stream media. On your directv remote press menu and select music, photos, and more. You should see the name of your pc listed under my computers.

You can then stream music and photos via the menu. It will automatically find your photos and display them for you in a slide show. I also used Flickr software to create photo gallery of great images uploaded by thousands of users on the web. There are some real great finds on that site.

If you don't have the directv HR21, there are other options. I selected this option because I could stream photos without having to attach any additional devices. But you can also use an apple TV, xbox 360, or a playstation 3 as a photo streamer. Or you can simply connect your PC directly to the tv. However, if you are unable to hide the additional cables, it does lose its "wow" effect a bit.

Finally, Panasonic LCD's and Plasma TV's now have the built-in ability to play gallery player hd images with the use of an SD card. This is a nice option if you have one of these TVs. You'll have thousands of images to choose from.


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