Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3D TV Will Be In Your Home Soon - Are You Ready?

Panasonic is leading the way in an exciting new technology called 3D-TV. 3D appears to be the next major leap in technology after the HDTV revolution. But don't put all of your equipment up for sale on ebay just yet. Early reports are mixed but its likely that early adopters will be able to purchase 3-D HDTV equipment as early as 2010. But it will likely be quite some time before an extensive library of content is available to view. There are currently some great cutting edge 3D movies in the theater including James Cameron's Avatar featuring aliens on the planet Pandora, and Disney's Christmas Carol. These are likely candidates to be some of the first feature films available for purchase for 3-D home viewing.

So what will you need to replace? Everything. A new HDTV, a new 3D blu-ray player, and you will also need special 3-D glasses in order to create the 3-D effect....yes it does seem strange to picture the entire family sitting together at night wearing funny glasses. I sometimes wonder if the effect will initially be too strong and too immersive for viewers with short-attention spans. I know I often do other things why I am watching television. Will I want to putting my glasses on and taking them off over and over? Will you be able to have conversations with your fellow viewers during a 3-D football game? Ultimately, its likely that this technology will be widely adopted in 15 years, but I do think there may be a long learning period and some major adjustments in viewing habits. I can see the concept working great for dedicated home theaters, but not so well for multi-use environments. Nevertheless, I look forward to the opportunity to test 3-D TV in the near future.