Monday, June 21, 2010

Stream Music, Video, Photos, and More Using Orb for iphone

Stream Music, Video, Photos, and More Using Orb for iphone.

I've been testing out the orb app for iphone and I've found that its a great solution for streaming music, video and photos from your home pc to your iphone. After you create an orb account and install orb on your computer, the software indexes the music, photos and video on your hard drive. Then, you can download the orb iphone app on your phone and sign into your orb account.

Once you log-in, you will see an interface that allows you to choose what type of media you want to access. If you choose music, you will see a screen very similar to the ipod app on the iphone.  Select an artist, then choose your music. Playback begins within seconds and you can listen to the music on your home pc from almost anywhere. Same for home videos and photos.

Its a great solution. The orb for pc is free however the iphone app does charge a one-time fee. But, when compared to other solutions that charge a monthly fee to host your music on another server, its a great bargain.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Connecting Blu-Ray Player to HDTV

There are multiple options for connecting your blu-ray to an hdtv, but the only way to get the highest quality picture is to use an HDMI cable or component cables.

The main advantage to HDMI is that it is 1 cable that transfers both Hi def video and hi def audio. With component cables you need 3 video cables (red, green and blue) and 2 audio cables.....or an alternative audio cable such as digital optical audio for premium sound.

All modern HDTV's should have an hdmi cable and all blu rays should support hdmi as well. My recommendation is to use it if its available. Its easy and it gives you the best possible quality in sound and video.

The only reason to use component is if you do not have enough hdmi ports available to support another HDMI cable via blu-ray. In this case, you can use component plus an audio cable, or buy an hdmi switcher that will give you an additional hdmi port.