Friday, July 15, 2011

Replace your Macbook Pro Optical Drive with an SSD

I recently swapped out my stock macbook hard drive for a 128GB SSD. Wow. What a difference. I don't have any hard numbers to show you other than my own impressions.

  • Mac OSX starts up and shuts down really fast. 
  • Programs like itunes and iPhoto start in about 3 seconds. 
  • Overall performance is zippy. 

The only downside is that its expensive compared to a standard hard drive. I bought my 128GB SSD from OWC for about $200.

However, you can add more storage by removing your optical drive and putting a standard hard drive in its place. I put a 500GB western digital hard drive because it has its own built in shock protection, which you will need because the macbook does not have shock protection in the optical bay.

I store the Mac OS and my applications on the SSD and I have all of my media and documents on the standard hard drive.

I used an optibay enclosure to hold the 500GB hard drive in place. Its a pretty easy system to install but it can be a little tricky removing the old optical drive and securing a couple of the hard-to-get-to screws.

I recommend the program carbon copy to copy your old hard drive onto the new SSD. Easy process.

Please note, these upgrades are not supported by Apple so you are on your own if you decide to do this. will perform this upgrade for you for a fee if you are willing to send them your MacBook Pro.