Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mind Control Technology

Well it looks like I have my answer. According to IBM, mind control technology is the next big thing. Usable mind control technology may allow us to place a phone call or turn on the lights within 5 years. If this is accurate, this truly is a massive paradigm shift with how we interact with technology and the world in general.

By 2017, like all technology, the EPOC or other similar technologies will probably get smaller. So I can imagine it will have completely dry sensors, and I'd be wearing it all the time, perhaps embedded into a baseball cap, and with a finer range of thought patterns detected and connected directly to my mobile phone - allowing me to interact with the world just by thinking particular thoughts. In doing this I could wonder what the traffic will be like on the way home and this information would pop up in front of me. via dvice.com

However, I think that artificial intelligence must also improve dramatically within the next 5 years as well in order to take advantage of these new ways of interacting with technology. AI like apple's siri technology is very useful and impressive for a very limited set of tasks. I'm sure it will continue to get better and it show's great potential. But for a truly revolutionary "personal assistant" technology, there is significant work that must be done in the interpretation of these interactions so that more complex tasks can be performed.

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