Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spotify Apps: My New Favorite way of Finding Music

I had lukewarm feelings towards Spotify when it launched in the US last year. The service worked well but I thought that it was weak in the content discovery department. Compared to Rhapsody, I didn't see any advantage with Spotify as a streaming service.

That all changed when spotify made 2 major changes recently:

  • Facebook connectivity is now a requirement
  • Spotify now has its own app market. 
These 2 changes completely changed how I use spotify. I can now easily see what my facebook friends are listening too and discover new music that they have found. 

I can also use a number of different apps to find great content, including pitchfork and rolling stone. Pitchfork has a tab that lists all of the best new albums by review rating. You can scroll through and instantly listen to the album. If you like it, just add it to your playlist. 

The Rolling Stone recommends app has great playlists based on editorial content from their magazine, including the Rolling Stone's 100 greatest guitarists playlist. They also highlight some of the best new songs and albums. 

I've already found quite a few great new albums via spotify. I enjoy the service so much now that I subscribe as a premium member for $10 a month, which gives me unlimited streaming without adds and the ability to stream using the spotify iphone app. 

I'm sure more new apps will be added in the future and I'm looking forward to watching this ecosystem continue to grow.