Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I highly recommend Phillips Hue lights for your house.

Phillips HUE

Update: If you already have Phillips Hue Light Bulbs, I highly recommend the app Palettes for Phillips Hue Lights. This is a great app for everyday light control. It features group-based controls and custom pre-designed light scenes. I have found it to be the quickest and easiest app for controlling my Phillips Hue lights. 

I cannot overstate this. These lights are absolutely amazing and will completely transform the look  and feel of your house instantly. Here are some of the things you can do with these bulbs.

  • Individually control the color and intensity of every light bulb in your house using only your smartphone. 
  • Set dynamic scenes with an ever changing array of colors
  • Have a dance party where the lights sync to your music. 
  • Turn the lights on and off using a daily timer. 
  • Turn the lights on and off when you arrive and leave the house using GPS
  • Flash the lights when you get a twitter alert or email. 
  • Turn the lights blue when it starts to rain. 
  • Take a photo and mimic the colors of the photo with your lights. 

The Philips 431643 Hue Personal Wireless Lighting system hit the market about a year ago and they have been steadily expanding there product line ever since. The standard starter kit (see Amazon affiliate link below) includes 3 A19 bulbs and a hub. You simply plug the hub into your router using an ethernet cable and use the Phillips HUE app to connect to your phone to the hub. The app includes photo scenes preloaded that you can use to create color scenes. You can change both the color and intensity of the bulb by sliding a marker through the photo. The light will change instantly to any of the colors available in your photo.

Phillips has also added larger 7W BR 30 down lights to their lineup as well as light strips for use under counter tops and furniture, and a plug in light that you can place anywhere to light up an area. 

In addition, the app marketplace for the HUE system has expanded to include many different unique ways to control your lights. My personal favorite is Goldee, which provides dynamically changing scenes. Set it, and watch the colors of your lights slowly change before your eyes. Its pretty amazing. Hue Party is another great app that syncs with you

I highly recommend this system. Its easy to set-up, the bulbs are energy efficient, and its a fantastic way to provide a unique and highly customizable lighting system for your house.